Glass and accessories

Betraco has built up a network of partnerships worldwide and follows market developments closely: we shift our supply routes according to the changes in the market, so that you as an importer are always sure of your competitive position in the market


We offer almost all glass qualities:
- basic qualities (float)
- coated, sun-resistant glass
- layered glass
- decorative glass (wired glass, ornamental glass, mirrors, lacquered, curved,….
- (three) double insulating glass

PMMA and polycarbonate

- Plexiglass, aluglass,… for the production of, for example, illuminated advertising signs.
- Polycarbonate for the production of skylights, canopies, etc.

glass blocks and glass slats

- Transparent glass blocks, whether or not in a colored version.
- Glass slats for ventilation in warm climates

silicone & mastic

Different options possible according to the quality requirements of the customer