Betraco NV

Since its foundation in 1992, Betraco distributes building materials to importers worldwide. 

Betraco has extensive knowledge of & experience in export to West Africa, where it all started for us.
Through alliances with agents and other companies, we have since expanded our operating radius to Latin America and the Caribbean.

Betraco NV was founded by Curt Landuyt and Erik Geirnaert, both experienced steel traders.
At the time, Betraco was still located in Antwerp, near the port, to handle the shipping documents quickly and efficiently.
Our operating range shifted from pure exports to cross-trade from Eastern and Southern Europe, Turkey and subsequently also East Asia.
Strengthened by the effect of the digitization of the documentation flows, the necessity for our physical presence in Antwerp disappeared
and we moved to Deinze, the nerve center of our current activities.

The product range has also evolved: the steel trade has expanded to 4 solid pillars of building materials:
in addition to steel, we now trade construction glass, ceramic tiles and other wall and floor coverings, chemicals and other building materials.

Our goal is always to propose the best combination to our importers:
per product we look for the most logical origin, the best placed producer, the best freight rates and
we ensure timely delivery of properly prepared shipping documents, with attention to the specific market requirements.
With this goal in mind, we have been strengthening commercial and friendly ties with our customers day after day for nearly 30 years.

We buy & sell steel products from large and medium-sized steel manufacturers worldwide. Particularly in Latin America and West Africa, Betraco has built up a strong track record from day one.

Depending on the application, Betraco has a very wide range of glass and accessories. Our experience allows us to find the right sources for your specific glass needs.

With an annual volume of 1000 containers, we have a good understanding of pricing, origins and designs of the best-selling tile types, specifically in West Africa and Latin America. We specialize in floor and wall tiles of both Asian and European origin. Additionally, we are well placed for the export of broadloom carpet and vinyl rolls from Western Europe.

In parallel with the four 'basic pillars' (steel, glass, wall and floor coverings and chemicals), we have also built up expertise in a number of specific products that we have researched and developed at the request of our importers.

Betraco has experience in the international trade of hazardous and non-hazardous chemical products. A short drive from the global petrochemical port of Antwerp, we are perfectly placed to guarantee you the best service.